Master-Detail interactive grid, using demo tables of Customers and Orders. What I have tried: - Add row level menu items in detail grid (code in Execute on Page Load section of Page) - Add columns to detail table showing as an icon like you would for edit that would call another page.
  • First download compendium.js from here and upload it to static application files in your APEX app. Get the reference to the JS file, in my case #APP_IMAGES#compendium.js Create a new page and include the JavaScript library. Create a new IG region with the static ID ANSWERS_IG. S ample SQL for your interactive grid with 2 p
APEX 127 PLSQL 119 SQL 114 ORACLE 33 PLUGINS 24 TEMPLATES 14 Interactive Grid 12 JavaScript 12 Dynamic Action 10 OntoorPlugins 10 API 9 DBA 8 Classic Report 5 APEX_JSON 4 CSS 4 MARKDOWN 4 Universal Theme 4 APEX 21 3 APEX_WEB_SERVICE 3 BLOGGER 3 GitHub 3 Interactive Report 3 ORDS 3 PLUGIN 3 UI 3 APEX+CSS 2 apex.server 2 APEX_COLLECTIONS 2 APEX ...
  • Oracle Apex 5 Interactive Report: Controlling the Width of a Column. Posted on November 7, 2016 by Patrick Posted in Code, Experimentation, Learning. In a Oracle Apex 5 interactive report, I want to be able to control the width of a column. Simple in theory, but as a beginner, it took me an hour to solve this issue, however the answer is quite ...
  • Apex 5 - show Y/N columns as font awesome icons. The database column value is Y or N (J or N for German databases). In the past I rendered such columns using images that had a name, where the column value could be appended to, for example IconCheckbox_Y.png. In Apex 5 the same is possible using icon classes. Jun 12, 2017 · Oracle APEX 5.1 comes with a new feature called Interactive Grid to display data in row/column matrix. In appearance, it looks similar to an Interactive Report (used in the next chapter) and delivers all features of an Interactive Report, but it also allows you to manipulate data simply by clicking on a cell and editing its value, which is not available in Interactive Reports.
  • I use this plug-in in every Oracle APEX project and I strongly believe anybody using Interactive Grids will benefit from this plug-in! This plug-in works from Oracle APEX 19.2 and above. Note: depending on when you read this article, the plans are that from Oracle APEX 20.2 a more advanced checkbox item is native available, but it's unclear if ...
  • How to Prevent Duplicate Row Interactive Grid Oracle APEX. Sometimes user wants to prevent duplicate row on that column where columns don't have a unique Id or Primary key Identification. On those cases here, I have provided a solution which will definitely help you. Create an editable Interactive Grid using the following query:
  • Part one of this series covered Interactive Grid advanced configuration. This part is about a specific area of configuration, which is toolbar and menu customization. This blog series assumes at least intermediate level experience with APEX and JavaScript. [Update 5.1.1 29-Mar-2017] This article has been updated to reflect patch release 5.1.1
  • The latter is a neat trick (at least I think so) instead of using a "hardcoded" name for the image, the current value is used (see the query used for the Interactive Report, column IND_COMPLETE). For the Link Attributes, we set the ID to the current TSK_ID by using the same syntax #TSK_ID# and add a class to which the Dynamic Action will ...
  • In Oracle Apex, you can make interactive grid rows editable on condition. For example, you have a flag column APPROVED in your table, and if the APPROVED column value is N; a row can be edited else not. To do this, follow these steps: Making Interactive Grid Rows Editable Conditionally in Oracle Apex
  • Interactive Grid and Display item background color highlight in oracle apex 5.1. If you want show columnwise highlighted color option, please use the below code. 1. first you need to update the static id in the interactive grid (ie:) 2. copy the below css code and paste in you apex inline css or you need to all place means update the code in ...
  • APEX 127 PLSQL 119 SQL 114 ORACLE 33 PLUGINS 24 TEMPLATES 14 Interactive Grid 12 JavaScript 12 Dynamic Action 10 OntoorPlugins 10 API 9 DBA 8 Classic Report 5 APEX_JSON 4 CSS 4 MARKDOWN 4 Universal Theme 4 APEX 21 3 APEX_WEB_SERVICE 3 BLOGGER 3 GitHub 3 Interactive Report 3 ORDS 3 PLUGIN 3 UI 3 APEX+CSS 2 apex.server 2 APEX_COLLECTIONS 2 APEX ...
  • Github repository / APEX 4.1, 5.x Pretius Enhanced Column Attributes. APEX Enhanced Column Attributes is a Chrome extension that extends APEX v.4.1+ application builder. Plugin "APEX Enhanced Column Attributes" has been developed for Oracle Application Express because lack of handy column management functionalities in former APEX.
  • APEX and IG validation Interactive grid validation Check for duplicates. ... This example works great when you have only 1 reference in the table. In case there is an additional reference, it won't work. ... Oracle ACE - freelance APEX consultant with 15+ years of experience. Consulted for APEX R&D, Skillbuilders and teams.
  • These are the steps I followed to get the selected selected row from the interactive grid in Oracle APEX. 1. Have a ROW Selector column in the Interactive Grid. 2. Create a Dynamic Action in the Grid, with the Event being 'Selection Change [Interactive Grid]'. Now this event is fired each time a selection is changed in the grid.
  • For the TEXT column, use a text area and make sure that the maximum length is set to 4.000 (and not to zero (0)). Then make the interactive grid editable and allow the INSERT and UPDATE operations. DELETE does not make any sense in this context. Interactive Grid gets ediable: INSERT and UPDATE are allowed.
  • In this OBE, you log in to your Oracle Application Express Workspace, either on-premises or in Oracle Database Cloud Service, and then create an application containing an Interactive Grid. In the Create Application wizard, you select Report, and then select Interactive Grid. To hide such columns from the download follow the below steps. Identify the column to hide from the download. Go to the Server-Side Condition in the attributes section of that column. Put this code - instr (nvl (:REQUEST,'~'),'CSV') = 0. That's it, you don't see this column in the downloaded report if you are downloading CSV format.
  • In 2008 I blogged about how to add Group Headings into an Interactive Report in Oracle Application Express (APEX 3.x!). Here's an example what I mean with Group Headings, you want to logically group certain columns (e.g. Empno, Ename) and have a group name above them (e.g. Group 1):

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      Click the Actions menu and select Columns. The Columns dialog displays. Edit the columns: Displayed - Select the check box to show a column in the grid; deselect a check box to hide a column in the grid. Move Up and Move Down - Adjust the order in which a column appears in the grid.I can set a default value using the Default settings on the column, but only if the item was populated on page render. If the item was populated after page load, by some dynamic action, the property does not populate the value. Edit: The p310_item_id has already reached session state. This IG is within an inline popup, where item_id populated ...